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Robin Christopherson, Head of Accessibility at AbilityNet and himself blind, will illustrate the key points in designing Web2.0 sites for the broadest audience possible – with a range of practical illustrations of sites that show good and bad practice, and access technologies such as screen reading, magnification and voice recognition software.
Robin Christopherson AbilityNet

Layout downloading time is critical on mobile devices. And that use is increasing. Make sure your layout is light, and use good heading structures.

Less is definitively more. Having a mobile version is what they help to get the content, even with desktop applications.

Is really key to serve content on different ways. Example with google maps, using Jaws. From mobile, no-vision, webtv point of view, is very useful.

Example using Jaws with gmail (empty frame, empty frame…). Use lovely XHTML, CSS.

JS is usually problematic for him. Listbox chat contacts. That works fine.


Example creating a Google account. Impossible to understand the spelling of the captcha image!!
He tries to click the link ‘Help’ on the captcha, and brings him to the Accounts help. :-O

Magnifier settings: Windows video example. (Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier. Movement confussion.

Ushida Findlay. Flash made navigation. Impossible to click on the small dots. DONT DO THIS. There’s no alternative navigation. Don’t use flash for navigation.

Sign community. the video is just in sign language. So is not useful for non-view users. No way to learn signs languages.

Make websites as accessible as possible.

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