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Just a few days ago I’ve written about iPad first impressions. That post was a little headache for me because of the touch gesture actions. Specificly because of their names, even more with their names in spanish! How do you say in spanish pinch or swipe? Pellizcar y (-)?

Today I’ve found a great reference guide for touch gestures: Touch Gesture Reference Guide – LukeW Ideation + Design. That doesn’t resolve name finding for spanish translation, but at least gives light on gestures definitions. 🙂

Touch Gesture Reference Guide - LukeW Ideation + Design

Touch Gesture Reference Guide - LukeW Ideation + Design

You can view the document on google docs or download de pdf

The reference is not just based on the iPad, they’ve reviewed other OS for the study: iPhone OS, Windows Phone 7, WebOS, Android, Windows 7, OSX (trackpad), Wacom Bamboo, GestureWorks (Flash), Microsoft Surface.

Who made this reference:

Thank you guys!

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  1. The word «swipe» is often translated as «pegar» or «golpear», by the way the article seems very interesting :), congrats sonesu!!

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