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Sanky will be taking a cathartic look at the good bad and the ugly of his career and shedding some light on why (amongst others) sleeping, cupboards, buses, not watching tv and £99 change your life.
Simon Sankarayya AllofUs

Lot of his work was not web based. That lets you get more skills.
For that reason, he really understands the content.

[Photoshop 2.5 screenshot]

Interactive media, is the only thing that still confuses him nowadays.

But (not) sleeping.

The good thing is to work with people that understands that change is needed. (evolucion of digit logo)

Interactive tv design. Flash site. Tv mail in it. (who uses tv mail??)

[Other examples with navigation in the middle of the screen…]

habitat website. The great thing of this website was that it was build around the customers. Got products, changing colors (years ago, was a kind of revolution).

Cupboard design

[Mario Bros simple geometric shapes]

[Kitchen builtding instruction] – vs web sites examples that use the same idea, of numbering blocks the same way as those instructions. Shapes – MTV2


There’s a little gap in the market. That’s why they did AllOfUs: digital and interactive design.


Human desire to leave messages (wc picture with lots of messages on it. So they did an application where people could leave messages on a sattelite view of the earth


Motomotion logo & graphics

Everything else is more inspiring than your desk. 

naoto fukasawa

do what you love, fuck the rest.

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