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Many web designers find themselves frustrated with the overreaching demands of clients as technology improves. But the question is: are they being unrealistic, or are you unprepared? The answer lies in the middle; the «new web» requires you to go beyond pushing pixels and lead your client to the promised land.
Brett Welch GoodBarry

2 scary trends

1. Design is a commodity

Example: 99designs. Community web design.

  • 32.000 designers
  • 1.656.104 designs submitted
  • $4million awarded
  • thats more less 2$ per design

Lower your prices?

Slow down, that’s a bad idea. You need to mantain the trust

2. Websites. Are. Dead.

Your clients are using facebook, twitter, ebay… Lots of socialnetworks for your clients. The reaction to this trend is: Learn how to code?

That’s also a wrong reaction. You can go to platforms that will help you to solve your problem.

What you’re selling is not the web site: think about the profit.

Are you worth it?


You join the dots.


They know things that you don’t: how to communicate your value


  • talk business. Know about their profits, their value.
  • understand why they want to go online
  • talk stratey. Making their business successfull. If youre oppening an online store, you’ll need the same process as you’ll do to open an offline store.
  • set business targets. Avoid talking about traffic.
  • talk action. Timeline, when you finish the design, what comes next.

Why bother with BUSTA?

You’ll make more effective websites.
Less conflict with clients.
Repeat business.
Higher profits.

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