Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – FOWD

Mike Kus Carsonified

As long as he discover web design, something stroke him about the conversations on the web, and design stuff: CSS, code… How wide the site should be… he was not interested on those things. There’s an analogy with that: going to a wedding and plastic glasses for kids and cristal ones for adults. It was not going to get obsessive about coding and all those stuff.

There where some limitations for him.

There’s a missing conversation on that: the graphic design. Is not impossible to do great design websites, but accesible and standard.

Great design supports in all browsers (and it validates).


Type could be the basis of graphic design. 

Harness the power of copy.

A couple of years ago he worked for Global Freight Solution (GFS).

For delivery solutions you can rely on… just shout. (and the logo appears from ‘shout’ as a shoutbox with GFS in it)


Imagery. Great photography and illustration can transform the website.

Buck trends & break conventions. Looking books, your environement, there is everything out there.

Imagine your  website in print.


  • Design for experience.
  • Love what you do.
  • Learn from the masters of the past to catapult you into the future.
  • Become a trendsetter.
  • Don’t obsess over tech.
  • Realise the power of graphic design.
  • Code is your paint brush.
  • Design can make or break your site.
  • [Amazing make off video of his presentation.]

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