Keynote Address – FOWD

Jim Coudal Coudal Partners

Web design, creativity & finding answers.

Web design network: DeckNetwork

Solving creative problems: Booking Bands experiment.

The walls in the washroom at their studio are all chalkboards. Put together name of books and names of bands. Try to find the connection. Two ways: you’ve got a name of a book in mind, an think about a random of bands. Or have a band in mine and random books. But is more difficult to connect directly a book an da band.

Its a good experiment to see how to find out solutions to a problem.

Design. Single page for a group of people who are all using same OS, so they don’t care of anybody else. 🙂

Seed Conference design. Just typo. If someone is using PC IE6, wont undersand, cause it whoul see it as an ugly thing. They don’t care, because the target is very specific. Very interesting to think about the text you’re using to fit the correct lenght for the design. People really liked it.

Solve the problem finding a conextion between unexpected two things. We’re always looking for the last new thing, as web designers.

«I have a few». Funny video about a bird watching guy. Many people would say that he has a problem, but you can think that he is like a designer trying to find a solution to a problem. That’s what is about. There’s a reason: you’re not getting great ideas every time, you have some good moments but other low ones (guitar sound example, with tops and downs).

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