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Despite fancy tricks with DHTML available, by 1998 it became clear that Web designers and developers were hitting the limitations and differences between various Web browsers. Out of this frustration emerged the Web Standards Movement. In this compelling keynote, well-known standards advocate Molly E. Holzschlag will provide a bit of history on the movement, how it has fostered professionalism and best practices; and how the movement might be failing as HTML5 and a shift toward Web 2.0 style applications go from trend to reality.
Molly Holzschlag Freelance

Core principles

  • everyone
  • everywhere
  • everything
  • meaningul
  • searchable
  • useful
  • social

This is like the constitution

Paper. Marking up the world.

We even had markup when we where at school, and they parked up with red our work. That was markup

Wither what we know?

  • html 4.01
  • xhtml 1.0
  • xhtml 1.1
  • xhtml 2
  • html 5

If we cannot use the featurse of html, what is the sense of using it? The extensible vision of twhat we have is that is no reality, a very unique way to serve documents as html.

There are somethings on xhtml 2 that are great, like every object can be a link.

CSS 2.1 is hangin around from 1998, and we’re now using it normally.


Scissors. Cut it out!

  • IE6
  • IE7
  • IE8 Standards
  • IE8 Compat Mode

Start testing your sites on IE8. There is an issue of compatibility. Carefull with the IE6 issue. There are many places in the world were IE6 IS the platform. So whe need to make our websites compatible with all of them. The content should always be there.

Versioning is anithtetical to everything the core Web ideals express: backward compatibility: future grouwth

Don’t continue versioning. Community has a voice, and finally Microsoft

Standards are vital so that IT professionals can provide systems that last

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Without Standards, web becomes a nightmare.

Get on with it, please

Make more…

  • SVG
  • SMIL
  • Microformats
  • RDFa
  • Open standards for <video> and <audio>
  • Better developer/designer tools


The open web platform:

  • open stadnards for the document
  • open stadnards for document presentation
  • open stadnards for document behavior
  • open stadnards for accessibility
  • open stadnards for universaliti
  • open source and standards for media
  • open source an dstandards for fonts

Open web stack

[4 layer image: structure – presentation – behaviour – media (courtesy david storey chief we bopener, Opera)]

Are you ready?

  • html 5
    • semantics
    • application development
  • CSS3 – Go baby, go!
    • great implementations
    • more on the way
  • Ubiquitous JavaScript

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