Personas for Graphic Designers – FOWD Workshop

Kath  Moonan AbilityNet [This is part of the workshop Don’t make me struggle – Using IA and graphic design to enhace accessibility] Inlcusive deisgn toolkit – great website. what is a persona? AN IMAGINARY person based on real data a tool for understanding the wants needs and limitations of our users a vehicle to help …

Don’t make me struggle – Using IA and graphic design to enhace accessibility – FOWD Workshop

Kath Moonan, a senior consultant on AbilityNet’s web accessibility and usability team. She is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers and a member of the PAS 78 advisory panel. Before joining AbilityNet, Kath was a senior designer and a company director for Poptel Technology, a company she led to become one of the UK’s first agencies to offer accessible web design. Kath believes firmly in technology being accessible to everyone. She sees improved web accessibility and usability as slowly but surely changing the web for the better. In her spare time Kath enjoys art, design and geek events. She also likes to work on projects that make rock and roll more accessible to everyone.

Many websites that AbilityNet test reach a good level of technical compliance but still represent significant challenges to users. In this workshop AbilityNet’s Senior Consultant Kath Moonan will show some examples of barriers diverse users face which are caused by architecture and graphic design – with ideas for how to fix them.