Google Chrome Beta para Mac ¡ahora con extensiones!

Desde que teníamos disponible la versión de Chrome para Mac, no he dejado de utilizarlo. Pero seguía atada a Firefox por las benditas extensiones. Chrome tenía disponibles las extensiones, pero no para Mac… ¡hasta ayer! Ahora los maqueros ya podemos descargar la versión Beta de Google Chrome para Mac, e instalarnos esas extensiones sin las …

Easing the path from design to development – FOWD Workshop

This workshop will give you practical tips for helping a project smoothly transition from the design to the development phase.

What you’ll learn:

  • Layouts – fixed, or fluid?
  • How to cope with expanding for larger text and more content?
  • Do graphics cope with an area expanding?
  • Does each interactive element have a state for with and without JavaScript?
  • Does each element have a state for logged in and logged out users?
  • How are any custom fonts being displayed?
  • Writing error messages
  • Form design 101
  • Ensuring your Photoshop comp document well organised?