De vuelta del Future Of Web Design 2009 London

Una vez más, ha merecido la pena asistir al Future Of Web Design de Londres.

El 80% de las charlas han estado bastante bien. Aquí tienes un listado con los apuntes de las charlas y los workshops, publicados en este blog (sí, en inglés :-S).
También tienes todas las grabaciones de las charlas en mp3, algunos vídeos y presentaciones en la página de Carsonified.

¡Que lo disfrutes!

Easing the path from design to development – FOWD Workshop

This workshop will give you practical tips for helping a project smoothly transition from the design to the development phase.

What you’ll learn:

  • Layouts – fixed, or fluid?
  • How to cope with expanding for larger text and more content?
  • Do graphics cope with an area expanding?
  • Does each interactive element have a state for with and without JavaScript?
  • Does each element have a state for logged in and logged out users?
  • How are any custom fonts being displayed?
  • Writing error messages
  • Form design 101
  • Ensuring your Photoshop comp document well organised?

Personas for Graphic Designers – FOWD Workshop

Kath  Moonan AbilityNet [This is part of the workshop Don’t make me struggle – Using IA and graphic design to enhace accessibility] Inlcusive deisgn toolkit – great website. what is a persona? AN IMAGINARY person based on real data a tool for understanding the wants needs and limitations of our users a vehicle to help …

Don’t make me struggle – Using IA and graphic design to enhace accessibility – FOWD Workshop

Kath Moonan, a senior consultant on AbilityNet’s web accessibility and usability team. She is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers and a member of the PAS 78 advisory panel. Before joining AbilityNet, Kath was a senior designer and a company director for Poptel Technology, a company she led to become one of the UK’s first agencies to offer accessible web design. Kath believes firmly in technology being accessible to everyone. She sees improved web accessibility and usability as slowly but surely changing the web for the better. In her spare time Kath enjoys art, design and geek events. She also likes to work on projects that make rock and roll more accessible to everyone.

Many websites that AbilityNet test reach a good level of technical compliance but still represent significant challenges to users. In this workshop AbilityNet’s Senior Consultant Kath Moonan will show some examples of barriers diverse users face which are caused by architecture and graphic design – with ideas for how to fix them.

The Future of Web Standards: Is There One? – FOWD

Despite fancy tricks with DHTML available, by 1998 it became clear that Web designers and developers were hitting the limitations and differences between various Web browsers. Out of this frustration emerged the Web Standards Movement. In this compelling keynote, well-known standards advocate Molly E. Holzschlag will provide a bit of history on the movement, how …

Participatory Evolution: Excerpts from a decade of Interaction Design on the Web – FOWD

Folkert will take elements from his own work and experience to discuss an array of subjects including: graphic design, interaction design, interfaces, typography, the Internet, virtual communities, participatory knowledge creation, SpaceCollective, GOOD and Superfamous Studios.
Folkert Gorter Superfamous Studios

Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window: The Stalinist Web Design Model – FOWD

Web designers and agencies of all sizes almost universally promote themselves as agreeable team players in a collaborative partnership. But what happens when you throw that practice out the window and adopt a process that isn’t a collaborative creation, a model where you don’t give the client choices, and a project management style where you …

Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – FOWD

Mike Kus Carsonified As long as he discover web design, something stroke him about the conversations on the web, and design stuff: CSS, code… How wide the site should be… he was not interested on those things. There’s an analogy with that: going to a wedding and plastic glasses for kids and cristal ones for …

Designing for All in a Web2.0 World – FOWD

Robin Christopherson, Head of Accessibility at AbilityNet and himself blind, will illustrate the key points in designing Web2.0 sites for the broadest audience possible – with a range of practical illustrations of sites that show good and bad practice, and access technologies such as screen reading, magnification and voice recognition software. Robin Christopherson AbilityNet Layout …

Typography’s not on the web, it IS the web – FOWD

This talk revolves around typography’s close ties to language, and how typography could evolve on the web in years to come Mark Boulton markboultondesign What is typography on the web? Lots of designers get frustrated when thinking about typography on the web. Type as language Typo has one plain duty before it and that is …

Beyond Pixel Pushing: 3 steps to building better websites and happier clients – FOWD

Many web designers find themselves frustrated with the overreaching demands of clients as technology improves. But the question is: are they being unrealistic, or are you unprepared? The answer lies in the middle; the «new web» requires you to go beyond pushing pixels and lead your client to the promised land.
Brett Welch GoodBarry